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Reliable & Trusted Partnership

Speedboard Partnership
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Speedboard continues to strengthen its partnership with Network Router Specialist Vocality. The key to the success in the collaboration lies in both parties ensuring they are reliable, trustworthy and open.

Single Manufacturer

All of Vocality’s PCB assembly and manufacturing (with the exception of some final customer configuration) is now outsourced to CEM, Windsor-based Speedboard Assembly Services. Previously Vocality used four different PCB assembly services of which Speedboard proved to be the most reliable in terms of not only quality but also delivery times.

The decision to use a single manufacturer obviously brought about the need for change as detailed by Richard Watson, one of Speedboard’s owners/directors:

“Vocality first outsourced to us in 2007 and when, subsequently, they decided to explore a new way of working we saw it as an ideal opportunity to align our documentation and manufacturing processes. We knew though, it would also require us making a leap of faith. Just as Vocality was prepared to trust a single supplier and improve their documentation, we knew we would have to embrace new processes to meet their needs for significantly reduced leadtimes”.

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