Free Issue Kits

ReelsWe are still one of the leading CEMs in the UK who are happy to accept Free Issue kits (in full or in part) for your work.  However, we will work as hard as we can to ensure what you do send us is fit for purpose.

What makes a good Free Issue Kit?

Depending on the batch size and what it is you are wanting us to assemble will determine what rules need to be applied.  However, for the purposes of this short discussion we are referring to a production build of 100 or so assemblies requiring surface mount assembly, through hole and test.

SMD machines love reels.  When they can’t have reels they need strips with enough lead in and waste to allow them to be fitted to feeders and to accommodate machine attrition.  SMD machines also love waffle trays.  Whereas they are not so keen on tubes as they can be fitted either way round and often components stick.  We would prefer them in tape and reel format however if you need more than 1 tube per part per batch this is something we may be able to offer at a cost. Contact us to discuss further.



Through hole parts are easier.  However, we are all human and the odd part may get damaged or lost somewhere from your stores to our lines.  So add a couple of extras (assuming low cost) to avoid unnecessary admin and shipping of random shortages.

Test may also need some replacement parts for test fails.  Ensure your kit has enough attrition for this or supply a “hospital-kit” for key test spares that may be needed.

Management of customer stock?

We can also manage your bulk issue kits for you.  You keep control of the buying, we keep control of the stock.  Don’t forget this is something we need to charge for.  However, we will load all your parts into a virtual stock location and control it as if it were our own.

Transition from free issue to turnkey?

We have years of experience of transitioning work from free issue to full turnkey.  As with the above, we use virtual stock locations to receive in all your excess stock so that we can see it in our system.  We then consume your stock first and, if you agree, pay you for it as we use it.  Over time your stock reduces and we take ownership of all (or some) of the buying.

If you would like to know more about free issue kits or any other services which will benefit your manufacturing needs please do not hesitate to contact us

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