UK Manufacturing

NOTE UK, with sites in Windsor and Stonehouse, is able to offer various different services to its customers. Click on the categories below to find out how we can help you with your electronic manufacturing needs.

Material Management

As a manufacturer you need to make choices when it comes to selecting the right material management solution for your projects. NOTE can take away the stress of sourcing and managing materials with it’s bespoke material management services.

PCB Assembly

As your manufacturing partner NOTE is able to take the stress out of manufacturing.  With extensive facilities and processes we are able to match your needs with our staff and equipment.

Conformal Coating

Using the very latest automated technology and UV curing, our dedicated conformal coating line can selectively spray boards requiring protection in harsh and extreme environments against ingress of moisture, dust, condensation and temperature extremes.  We also offer manual spraying and rework of coated boards.

Test & Inspection

In a perfect world manufacturing lines would produce 100% perfect assemblies.  However, even with good process controls and excellent equipment there will always be a small number of faults.  With many of the assemblies we produce having over 1000 opportunities for error and it only taking 1 error to cause a board to not function it is essential we inspect the assemblies and ideally test them at an early stage.

Final Assembly

Final Assembly, Product Assembly, Finished Goods.  Many names for many different versions of an assembly finished to a certain point.

What that point is – is determined by you.  We will happily provide a turnkey service that means your product is finished, tested, boxed and ready for the end customer.

New Product Introductions (NPI)

In a continual effort to work collaboratively with our customers we help them to implement new products, assisting them right from the start. With a dedicated NPI manager we are ready to help you with your newest editions to your product range.