Direct Offshore Manufacturing

NOTE UK have over 35 years’ experience of supply chain management and look beyond just managing the supply base to deliver on time to the required quality level at the right price. NOTE can support your strategic projects both technically and commercially in volume from its facilities in China and Estonia.

Direct offshore manufacturing provides low cost solutions for our customers who operate in cost competitive markets and access to additional capabilities including clean rooms and design support. Flexibility and speed at NOTE’s eight state-of-the-art plants, with lower cost manufacturing solutions in Estonia and China, offers customers a huge advantage and best fit manufacturing model tailored to their needs.

  • Norrtalje & Torsby – Sweden
  • Hyvinkää – Finland
  • Pärnu – Estonia
  • Stonehouse & Windsor – UK
  • Tangxia – China

Benefits to Direct Offshore Manufacturing

Our customers operate across diverse market sectors many of which are cost sensitive. The benefit of partnering with NOTE Group offers access to low cost geographies and scalability. This equates to delivering the lowest cost solution to your manufacturing needs and retains flexibility to expand your business. Customers can either NPI locally and NOTE will transfer the volume to Estonia or China, or NPI direct in these facilities.

Whilst large scale volume manufacturing continues to be a requirement for Asian economies, which have a vast pool of skilled labour and English language proficiency, we have seen customers sourcing shorter life cycle, lower volume and high mix manufacturing closer to home so that the supply chain can be shortened and working capital minimised. Consequently, we have seen growth in our Estonia facility in Pärnu.

NOTE Pärnu Estonia

NOTE Pärnu manufacturing unit focuses on industrialisation and volume manufacturing of labour-intensive products, offering high-mix manufacturing solutions supporting the needs of customers in and outside the EU.

Our Pärnu site offers complete, lower-cost manufacturing solutions with easy access to the European market. The manufacturing capabilities include manufacturing and engineering services, PCB assembly, NPIs, box build, aftersales, build-to-order and configure-to-order services.

NOTE Tangxia China

NOTE’s manufacturing unit in Tangxia (Dongguan) focuses on industrialisation and the volume manufacture of labour-intensive products. Our customers are offered high-mix manufacturing solutions supporting the needs of customers in and outside the EU.

The facility offers complete turnkey solutions from engineering services to volume manufacture, plus product lifecycle services. NOTE’s logistics setup is an additional assurance of short lead-times. Our preferred and proven supplier base will be able to satisfy your most complex requirements and demand.

NOTE has a business license authorised for both domestic and export business.