Award-winning Support- Vicon Motion Systems

Vicon Case Study

NPIs face a variety of commercial and technical challenges in that to deliver their features the products will almost certainly employ high performance electronics and, increasingly, require the latest assembly techniques. NPIs also face considerable logistical challenges, such as hitting both time- and volume-to-market targets. In light of these challenges, if the manufacture of the new product is to be outsourced it is essential to select and engage with the CEM as soon as possible. Moreover, the discussions need to be as open and as transparent as if the CEM were the customer’s own production department. Such collaboration produces amazing results.

The following case study recounts how Speedboard Assembly Services supported motion capture specialist Vicon Motion Systems leading up to and during the launch of a range of high-tech cameras.

Key points:
• Mutually beneficial solutions found to business/engagement concerns;
• Speedboard’s four-phase NPI model was employed to the full;
• Vantage comprises three complex PCBs, two of which required specialist assembly techniques;
• Demand for Vantage far exceeded expectations and Speedboard coped with a last-minute 50% increase to already demanding launch quantities; and
• Vicon presented Speedboard with an Outstanding Customer Service Award.

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