Test & Inspection

In a perfect world manufacturing lines would produce 100% perfect assemblies.  However, even with good process controls and excellent equipment there will always be a small number of faults.  With many of the assemblies we produce having over 1000 opportunities for error and it only taking 1 error to cause a board to not function it is essential we inspect the assemblies and ideally test them at an early stage.

PCB Inspection

Inspecting to IPC standards

The Joint Industry Standard J-STD-001 forms the basis for determining what is or isn’t acceptable within the electronics industry.  IPC have since developed a series of reference manuals, based on the J-STD which have now become the norm for almost all OEMs. These include: IPC-600 – Printed Circuit Boards IPC-610 – Electronic Assemblies IPC-620 – […]

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Hawk machine

X-ray/ BGA

Checking that BGAs and QFNs are placed and soldered to the highest standards can be a challenge unless you have X-Ray AND a BGA Scope. Real-time X-Ray… Speedboard is fortunate to have two X-Tek real-time X-Ray machines that have the facility to allow us to move the PCBA in every axis while being viewed live. […]

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Automated optical inspection machine

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

As mentioned earlier, with 1000s of opportunities of error on a single PCBA it is impossible to manually inspect boards while hoping to find the odd random manufacturing defect. Hence the need for AOI – Automated Optical Inspection. 100% of SMD Boards AOI’d…. At Speedboard we ensure every SMD board we assemble goes through one […]

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ICT in circuit test

In Circuit Test (ICT)

ICT- In Circuit Testing at a Glance Set Up Costs Can be expensive.  PCBAs must have test points.  Clam Shell fixtures and programming can be £10K or more for a double sided PCBA Speed Excellent test speed.  Seconds rather than minutes Coverage Excellent IF test points have been designed in Operator Level Required Excellent.  Non […]

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Boundary Scan Testing

Boundary Scan Testing

Boundary Scan Testing / JTAG a glance Set Up Costs Programming is normally £1K – £2K.  Fixtures can be added if more complex.  At Speedboard we have JTAG, Goepel and Corelis systems.  Some custom interfacing may be needed which may cost extra. Speed Good test speed.  Minutes normally. Coverage Variable.  Depends on your design and […]

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flying probe test

Flying Probe Test

Flying Probe Test at a glance Set Up Costs Programming is normally £1K – £2K.  Some custom interfacing may be needed which may cost extra.  Boundary Scan can be integrated which costs extra. Speed OK test speed.  Many minutes normally. Coverage Excellent.  Relies on probe access, but normally excellent. Operator Level Required Good.  Some technical […]

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PCB functional testing

Functional Test

Functional Test at a glance Set Up Costs Normally one of the lowest as it tends to be your equipment made into a rig. Speed OK to Poor test speed.  Many minutes normally. Coverage Excellent.  Depends on how much you specify. Operator Level Required OK.  Technical knowledge is normally needed. Fault Finding Poor.  By far […]

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