Introducing a new product to your range is never easy.  With tight time lines and pressure to deliver it all in budget there is always a fair amount of stress floating around.

To help manage these stresses we assign the right people to the task.  Our Customer / NPI manager oversees our customer teams; made up of Engineers, Account Managers and Buyers.  Assisted by an Account Director we will engage with you and be it just one assembly or a whole range making up a system, we will help you to deliver your products on time.

Siplace close up

PCB Assembly Prototype

Prototypes are the first stage on a very long road to product realisation. The term prototype can often be mixed up with just wanting low volume production, pre-production or small runs to prove out a new CEM. True prototypes will be your early designs, needed quickly, and will likely as not be up-issued several times […]

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NPI in Electronic Manufacturing


Is your design fit for manufacture? Design For Manufacture and Test is just as important as the conceptual design itself.  If a board or unit or can’t be produced reliably and repeatedly, and at a cost that makes it’s financially viable, then your product is not going to succeed. Get us involved early… The sooner […]

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