Materials Management

Supply and management of materials when manufacturing electronic products is a stressful part of production. Speedboard Assembly Services removes the stress and offers you flexible services dedicated to your project needs.

Typical complex PCB being assembled by Speedboard

PCB and Component Sourcing

Outsourcing your manufacturing often goes hand in glove with outsourcing the electronic component sourcing and PCB sourcing.  With over 30 years of experience and our combined spend we can usually help you save money. Why outsource buying? There are number of reasons our customers chose to outsource the buying function.  These include; passing the full […]

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Benefits of Kanban


In electronic manufacturing, one of the most difficult things to predict is the demand for a product. It is easy to get into the ‘Just in Case’ mentality where you order parts and manufacture too many goods just to make sure you cover your customer demand. With Speedboard’s Kanban system the ‘Just in Case’ mentality […]

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Consignment stock

Consignment Stock

One of the biggest concerns with component supply is the time taken for delivery and how this then affects your lead times, particularly when customer demand is unpredictable. With consignment stock held at Speedboard there is no longer any need to worry as delivery waiting times are eliminated on a whole range of standard parts. […]

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Stock Traceability


Is Parts Traceability an essential requirement, a necessary evil or a waste of time and money? At Speedboard you decide.  Each and every customer we work with have their own needs and compliance standards. What does Traceability mean? This is always the starting question.  It is all too easy to assume (and we know what […]

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tape and reeling

Free Issue Kits

We are still one of the leading CEMs in the UK who are happy to accept Free Issue kits (in full or in part) for your work.  However, we will work as hard as we can to ensure what you do send us is fit for purpose. What makes a good Free Issue Kit? Depending […]

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